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Lance Bass To Star In 'Gatsby' Film With Paris Hilton
By Ryan J. Downey, MTV, May 9, 2003%0m%0m
So what does Lance Bass have in common with hotel heiress Paris Hilton?
Well, besides being blonde and getting invited to socialite-stuffed shindigs, the 'NSYNC vocalist and the older half of the model/actress Hilton sisters are teaming up for the latest Hollywood take on an F. Scott Fitzgerald classic. %0m%0m"[It's] a remake along the lines of 'The Great Gatsby,' but younger," Bass explained at Wednesday's "Matrix Reloaded" premiere in Los Angeles. Bass will star in the currently-in-development flick, one of many he has on his plate. %0m%0m"I'm writing my first horror film right now, called 'Imaginary Friend,' " he added. "It should be along the lines of that old fun Freddy Krueger-type stuff. ... We've got a nice imaginary friend-type [slasher character] that will scare the bejesus out of ya'." %0m
An avid horror film fan, Bass said he's bummed he's not part of this fall's "Freddy vs. Jason" film. "I was so mad 'cause I didn't know they were filming it [until they were finished]. I would have begged to die in that movie. That would've been my dream." %0m
But he has plenty of other projects through his Free Lance Entertainment, including "some kids movies," to tide him over. %0m%0m

hey brit, i told you that it was my dream to die in a horror movie, now you believe me :-*


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